I’ve mixed, recorded, streamed, and archived many dozens of live shows over my time at Oberlin and am privileged to support such amazing artists. These are all stereo recordings taken of the stage itself in The Cat and the Cream on Oberlin College’s campus that I’ve mastered with some Waves and Izotope plugins along with TDR Kotelnikov. The Cat and the Cream is a noisy performance space with a hollow stage and known feedback issues, that said, it holds a special place in my heart. The performances I took point on are all listed here.

Over my three years at Oberlin, I worked my way up to the Supervisor position and helped train new engineers in my last year at the job. One of the first recitals I was able to take point on (with the oversight of my bosses Andrew Tripp and Andrew Garver) was Alejandra Willams-Maneri’s Senior Piano Recital. This is easily one of my worst performances as an engineer, but I can’t imagine prefacing my portfolio any other way.

Alejandra Williams-Maneri Senior Recital (Jazz Piano)

A few months later, I worked Eric Weaver and Kurton Harrison III’s joint junior recital alongside Andrew Garver.

Joint Junior Recital: Eric Weaver, jazz trombone & composition Kurton Harrison III, trumpet

  • Abe Gold Junior Recital (Jazz Piano)

  • Nat Lewis Junior Recital (Jazz Sax)

  • Christian Wilson Senior Recital (Jazz Sax)

  • Noah Kawaguchi Senior Recital (Jazz Sax)

  • Benjamin Byrd & Samuel Davies Joint Junior Recital (Jazz Guitar and Trumpet)

  • Jacob Clements & Jacob Ziccardi (Jazz Guitar, Composition, Trombone, and EWI)